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Welcome to Computer-History.org.  This site is my small (but expanding) contribution to the  preservation of vintage computer history.  Every computer detailed at this site is present in my collection.  This site will not be an all encompassing, shallow look at vintage computers.  I will try to include the type of technical information that is not easily found elsewhere on the web.  All photos shown on this site are smaller renditions of the original 4 megapixel originals.  If you see  a photo you would like to take a closer look at let me know and I'll email you the original photo.  I've just added a decent two sided printer/scanner/copier to my office so once I find an affordable, easy to use PDF generator I will be adding more documentation to the site.   I also intend keep an extensive, cross-referenced link page to provide a fertile launching ground for further vintage computer explorations.  If you were trying to get to the Computer History Museum in California click here.  


September 5, 2003 - I've added photos of several more computers on the Museum page, I'm running behind on the stats.  I've scanned the manual and some PR literature on the CyberVision 2001.

Recent additions include a Northstar Advantage and a Sharp PC-4501.


August 19, 2003 - This site is now hosted by mesopia.com and should allow me to greatly increase the number of photos and amount of documentation on the site.  Now that the hassle of finding and then switching hosting services is over I should have more time to add to the site.

Recent additions to the collection include a PC 8300 (a Chinese Sinclair ZX-81 clone) and a red Casio PV-7 MSX machine.

August 16, 2003 - You are looking at release 0.1 (Probably more like 0.01) of my Computer-History.org website.  You are probably here because you are a friend, a relative, lost or looking for computerhistory.org.  Whatever your reason for being here please take some time to look around and tell me what you think.  Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I'm keeping the day job, this is just a very time consuming hobby of mine.  The plan is to eventually have my complete collection online and much of the 1000's of pages of documentation available.

Recent additions to the collection include an Osborne Vixen picked up on eBay and donations of an HP-9000/236 system, two SGI Personal Iris 4D/35s and an SGI Iris 4D/310VGX(very big).