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Manufacturer Byte Shop CPU Intel 8080 Keyboard  
Introduced   RAM 256 Bytes +  Display  
Shipped 1975 ROM   Storage  
Discontinued N/A OS CP/M  Ports 2x
Production ? Bus S-100 Slots 4+
This is the fabled Atari 1400XL.  Never released but featured in millions of Atari product brochures.  The Atari 1400XL, looking much like the Atari 1200XL, is not as interesting visually as the 1450XLD but includes most of the technology of its larger sibling.  This Atari 1400XL is missing its name plate as are most.  These badges were removed by Atari dealers to prevent unscrupulous dumpster divers from returning the computer for cash or store credit.
Brochure Peripherals/Upgrades Software